A Better Way to Source & Import Products

Product Sourcing

We’ll research the best manufacturers around the globe for you, depending on your own unique business requirements.

Whether it is consistency, reliability, price, or engineering capability that you are after – there isn’t a product out there that we can’t save you money on.


We manage everything to do with your manufacturing – including perfecting sample prototypes, handling quality control, expert negotiation and all necessary due diligence.

You will be provided with regular live progress updates and we’ll work through product improvements together as a team.


Once the perfect supplier has been chosen and we’ve negotiated the best possible pricing & terms on your behalf, US Global will handle the entire importing process for you.

We’ll organize freight, prepare all documentation, and get your products straight to your nominated location!

Why choose us?

Save costs

Our sourcing team negotiates pricing that is on average 33% better than your current supply!


US Global helps companies bring products to life faster. What takes sourcing agents a month, takes us a week.
Forget about having broken English conversations, and learning mistakes the hard way your first time around.

Compliance Ready

We only work with suppliers who have been approved and vetted by our sourcing team, which means a background check and a stringent merit-based verification process.


US Global is 100% value-driven. Our processes will take care of everything leaving you with complete peace of mind. It’s that simple.